Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pass-happy Rookie

I found this amazing stat on Matthew throws 37.7 passes per game, that's the most by a rookie in NFL history.

I knew he was throwing the ball a bunch every game, in fact, the game against Cincinnati is the first time he didn't throw over 30 times, but the most by a rookie in NFL history? Wow! I think Matthew's doing very well considering how much he's being asked to throw the ball. I don't know much about football, but one thing that I have learned is that most teams would rather not have their rookie QBs do too much. Not the Lions though. I think that tells a lot about how much confidence they have come to have in Matthew in such a short amount of time. He's expected to make plays not just manage the game.

As we know by now, due to his injured shoulder Matthew will not play against the Ravens on Sunday.

There's some new stuff on Matthew's NameDrop site. He has updated his NameDrop blog and photo album. Apparently, he had a photo shoot on Tuesday for one of his corporate partners, and he has posted some behind-the-scenes photos.

Former UGA head coach Vince Dooley has released the book “Dooley’s Playbook,” and in it he counts down the 34 most memorable plays in UGA football history. Matthew's touchdown pass against Alabama in overtime in 2007 made the list. - Listen to Matthew's weekly interview with Micht Albom. In this segment, he talks about the team and his injury. - Lunch with Killer recap: Matthew Stafford 'will take a huge leap next season' according to one veteran Lions player
Fox Sports Detroit - Lions, without Stafford, look to rebound at Baltimore - Jim Schwartz: Matthew Stafford's injury was not the cause of incompletions, interceptions

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