Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting ready for the Bears

Don't forget to keep voting for Matthew for Rookie of the Week.

ESPN - Lovie and company see good things from Stafford - Bears vs. Lions
Chicago Sun-Times - Bears don't expect easy prey in Lions QB Stafford - Catch him if you can: Stafford's off and running with first win - Lions QB Matt Stafford on the Lions victory - Hail to the Detroit Lions!:For at least one week - ¡Hakuna Matata! Los Detroit Lions encontraron a su Simba (With that title, I just had to post a link to the article.) - Conference Call Transcript: Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith - Head coach Lovie Smith on the Lions and Stafford. has posted audio and video from Wednesday's press conference.

This is an older video, but it gives you an idea of just what athletes and other celebrities have to deal with. I don't think I could deal with getting squashed, have things shoved in my face and have my eyes almost poked out with pens and other items on a regular basis.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vote for Stafford for Rookie of the Week

Vote for Matthew for Rookie of the Week.

Matthew has updated his blog on He thanks the fans for their support and discusses Sunday's win. It's a pretty good blog post so check it out. Also, Matthew's blog entries make up eight of the top ten stories on NameDrop. - Peter King: Hope abounds for Stafford, Lions - A light at the end of the tunnel - Lions' skid-ending win a total team effort - Stafford can learn from Stuckey’s rookie baptism - Quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel - How Matthew Stafford surprised the Redskins? (They obviously didn't do their homework: Fandome at 4:13)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday update - Mike O'Hara: Ex-coach of No. 1s says Matthew Stafford is a winner - Any Given Sunday: Lions over Skins
Victoria Advocate - QBs make a difference as NFC North jumps to 8-4 start - Diner morning news: random thoughts - A Lions winner - No speed demon - Breakdown of Stafford's performance against the redskins

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Matthew led the Detroit Lions to their first win since December 2007 ending an 18 game losing streak. Congratulations Matthew!

Celebrating with fans. - Lions Beat Redskins, 19-14, at Ford Field - Self confidence of Lions' Matthew Stafford shines through in victory over Washington - Matthew Stafford's fingerprints all over Lions' end to losing streak - Blacked out, knocked down … Lions arise!
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - NFL blitz package, the best of Sunday's games
USAToday - 'King Kong' off their back: First win since 2007 energizes Lions - Judgment calls by Redskins' Jim Zorn backfire against Lions
Yahoo! Sports - Cry, Whine and Moan: Not the Lions, baby!
Yahoo! Sports - Lions finally get ‘King Kong’ off their back - Key play: Stafford-Heller connection kept Redskins in a hole - Lions' winning streak at 1 - Lions Take First Step Towards New Identity - The Detroit Lions Win: A Story
The Washington Times - Daly: Message clearly didn't register - Stafford keeps on slinging downfield - Stafford helps Lions taste victory again

Washington Post
The Washington Times - Stafford post-game audio

Video - Game highlights
ESPN - Lions Get The Moneky Off Their Back - Video gallery

Lions finally get a win
Lions finally get a win

Friday, September 25, 2009

Watch the game online

Since the Lions did not sell out the game against the Washington Redskins, it will blacked out in the city of Detroit, but fans will able to watch the game at after 12:00 a.m.

Matthew has updated his blog on - Game Center
The Morning Sun - Stafford is the starter. End of story - Redskins coach Jim Zorn: Lions' Matthew Stafford doesn't have many weaknesses - Lions 2-minute drill - With five rookies starting, Lions seek first win of 2009 against Redskins

'Just play the game' - Lions trying to get Stafford to play intelligently at quarterback - Matthew Stafford adapting to pressure off the field - News & Notes: Blache Wary of Strong-Armed Stafford
The Washington Times - Stafford wows Redskins' coaching staff - Live Chat extra: Lions' Matthew Stafford needs solid game against Redskins

I found this article from on which NFL quarterbacks hold the ball too long kind of interesting. Matthew is listed among the 10 quarterbacks who have held the ball the shortest on their sacks.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stafford joins NameDrop

Matthew has joined the celebrity social network NameDrop. It's sort of a personal site where he posts personal photos, videos (which he actually records himself), updates a blog, etc. It's a cool site so check it out. - Linehan Pleased with Stafford's Progress
Washington Times - Redskins Wednesday wrap - Stafford Locker Room Interview - Stafford Conference audio - Redskins head coach Jim Zorn addresses the media has posted some photos from practice.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday update

USAToday - Rookie Focus: Stafford mindful of Lions past, out to end losing - Tom Kowalski on WDFN: Matthew Stafford 'has to learn that he can't make every pass' - It's not time to blame rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford for Lions' losses just yet - Mitch Albom's regular Monday visit with Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lloyd Carr talks about Stafford

Former Univeristy of Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr talked about Matthew and about what the Lions' players think of the rookie QB.

Associated Press - Jim Schwartz sticking with Stafford as Detroit's QB - Young Stafford intercepted twice in home opener - Jim Schwartz press conference

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gaining confidence amid the struggles

Matthew was 18 of 30 for 152 yards, one touchdown, the first in his NFL career, and two interceptions in a 27-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. I'm seeing steady improvement from Matthew despite the struggles. I think that's going to be the case as the Lions get through the early tough schedule before the bye week. - Will we ever say all’s well that ends well? - Lions notes: Jim Schwartz isn't using 'rookie mistakes' excuse for Matthew Stafford - Mistakes doom Lions, and Matthew Stafford leads the list - Rapid Reports - Favre: Stafford "More Polished" Than I Was
Access Vikings - Stafford showing gains in confidence, patience - First-half lead against NFC North giant Vikings shows Lions are making progress - Matthew Stafford gets a vote of confidence - Schwartz is sticking with Stafford despite numerous interceptions - Matthew talks about his 2nd interception against the Vikings.

760 WJR - Matthew will be a guest on the Mitch Albom Show every Monday.

Vikings Access has posted video of Matthew's first touchdown, which was caught by WR Calvin Johnson.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vikings game: 'A chess match' - Stafford expecting heavy rush - Brett Favre likes Lions' rookie Matthew Stafford
Scout's Viking Update - Behind Enemy Line: Questioning the Lions - Ray Edwards and the Vikings' defense hope to pressure Lions rookie QB Matt Stafford
RoarReport - Round Two: Vikings Next Up For Stafford - The Press Box Podcast: Matthew Stafford may struggle through teeth of Lions' schedule

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Favre to Stafford: 'Keep slinging it' - Matthew Stafford conference call - Quarterback Matthew Stafford talks about his first regular season game - Brett Favre's advice to Matthew Stafford: 'Keep slinging it' - Tavern talk: What QBs will be left standing?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday update

Creative headline isn't it? I'm hardly a creative writer when I'm not sick and right now I'm still sick. Here are yesterday's and some of today's links. I think. - Welcome to the NFL, Matthew - Rookie mistakes, early hole hamper Stafford in debut - Matthew Stafford is hot topic, but Lions' biggest problem is defense - Only Defense Worse Than Stafford In Lions' Opener - Lions' Matthew Stafford says chemistry is just beginning with Calvin Johnson - Rookies offer Lions hope after spanking by Saints - Lions Show Signs of Moving in the Right Direction - Lions say they'll learn from Game 1 loss to Saints - Even as a rookie, Matthew Stafford likens himself to Brett Favre - Final impressions on Lions-Saints - Third and one: Lions

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stafford has rocky start but remains undeterred

Matthew had a rocky outing in the 45-27 loss to the Saints, but he remains undeterred. He was a 16-of-37 for 205 yards with three interceptions and one rushing TD. This is what he had to day after the loss, "I made some mistakes... I'll just try to learn from it and come back and get ready for next week.'' - Lions at Saints Postgame Quote Sheet - Notebook
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Better days ahead for the Lions? We can only hope - Matthew Stafford's debut much like last, less heralded Lions rookie QB - The beats go on in Lions opener - Lions notes: Stafford's confidence not shaken - Matthew Stafford throws three interceptions in Lions' 45-27 loss to Saints - NFL debut status quo for Detroit Lions' Matthew Stafford against New Orleans Saints - Snap Judgments from Week 1 - Matthew Stafford doesn't change same-old Lions - Lions keep their heads up after 45-27 loss - Stafford's performance like many famous former first overall picks - not good - Stafford: Some good, some bad so far

Some photos from the game.
US Presswire 1, 2 has posted lots of video from Sunday's game.

Highs, lows and everything in between.

Pre-game update - Lions turn franchise over to QB Matthew Stafford - Lions rookie Matthew Stafford has support from quarterback greats Troy Aikman, Peyton Manning - Saints not taking Lions' rookie QB lightly - Stafford will need moxie to survive tough early stretch

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here we go!

Matthew starts his first NFL game tomorrow. He will be the youngest starter in the NFL. - Quarterback-turned-commentator Trent Green offers advice to Lions' Matthew Stafford
Dallas Morning News - History suggests Stafford's NFL debut could be rocky - Jim Schwartz's attitude is a refreshing change for Lions - Dan Miller on WZAM: String of 'right decisions' will eventually cause turnaround for Detroit Lions
ESPN - Athletes dish on the summer movies
ESPN - Tip Sheet: Views vary on QB prep work

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Soaking up the experience

Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan explains why Matthew won the starting job. Good read.

Here are the rest of Thursday's links. - Lions' Matthew Stafford proves he's an average Joe, not a Joey - Game Plan: Lions Must Support Stafford - Lions' mantra for season: In rookies we trust - Linehan: Many challenges await rookie QB Stafford - Interactive: Rookie starting quarterbacks in NFL history - Saints unsure what to expect from new Lions
Associated Press - Detroit RB Smith ‘starving’ to win after 0-16 season - With a rookie at QB, sophomore RB will be relied on heavily

The Detroit Free Press has posted some photos from practice.

Not intimidated by trash talk

According to the Detroit Free Press, Matthew shrugged off the comments (as he usually does) by the Saints' players that were published earlier on the week. But The Times-Picayune did do some backpaddling (Saints video log) on Wednesday, after they drew the ire of head coach Sean Payton, saying that the comments were not meant as trash-talk or disrespect. (The trash talk comment brough back some memories. LOL) - Matthew Stafford shrugs off Saints' taunts - New Orleans Saints Saints QB Drew Brees Post-practice transcript - New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Post-practice interview - Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz Conference Call - A closer look at the New Orleans Saints-Detroit Lions matchup
Kevin Smith Official Site - "The team and I personally are very supportive of Matt" - Another argument for starting Stafford
The Oakland Press - Feasting on Stafford - Matthew Stafford hopes he's more Manning than Leaf - Lions in better shape at QB than U-M, MSU - Interview with New Era Scouting's David Syvertsen About Upcoming Season - Lions WR Calvin Johnson QA

Dan Patrick Show - Brian Billick talks about Matthew - Larry Foote on WDFN: Calm, cool Matthew Stafford has attributes of starting quarterback
1130 WDFN - Jim Schwartz on Jim Rome

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bittersweet times

Lots of stuff today concerning yesterday's announcement. Coach Schwartz will be giving Matthew a long leash as far as mistakes go, but he still doesn't want to test that. And it seems that announcing Matthew as the starter was bittersweet in the Lions' locker room. According to reports, the players support Matthew as their starter and believe in him, but they also feel for veteran QB Daunte Culpepper, who is more than likely very disappointed that he didn't win the starting job. - Matthew Stafford: I'm ready - PAULA PASCHE: Stafford will be allowed to make rookie mistakes - Lions locker room somber after QB announcement - Statement from Detroit Lions QB Daunte Culpepper - Culpepper accepts role after Stafford named Lions starter - Culpepper 'supports' Stafford as No. 1

Opinion articles
ESPN - Let's be realistic on Stafford expectations / Update - Tavern talk: Stafford and growing pains - Schwartz Goes Against the Grain in Making Stafford His Starter - Trading Daunte Culpepper makes sense for Lions - Ketchman: Release or Trade Culpepper -- Now

1130 WDFN The Fan- Podcast of Matthew's interview with Matthew Shepard, Drew Sharp and Tom Kowalski

ESPN - Matthew Stafford Named Lions' Starter
New Orleans Saints talk about taking on a rookie quarterback

New Orleans Saints talk about Stafford

Matthew will be a guest on 1130 WDFN with Shep and Sharp at 5:05 p.m.

Here's an interesting article from The Times-Picayune: New Orleans Saints salivate about getting after rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford in opener - Teammates back Matthew Stafford as Lions' starting quarterback; 'he's way beyond his years' - Jim Schwartz on Matthew Stafford: 'This isn't an experiment' - Opinion: Lions bold with choice of Matthew Stafford as starter

So I decided to check out Twitter, and I have to say that some of the posts are priceless. Check these ones out.

Cool Tweets
From Rick Rosset (Filmboyrosset): "how is Tim Hasselback picking apart Matthew Stafford? That's like Channing Tatum breaking down Meryl Streep's acting."
From citizenjaney: "i had to draft Matt Stafford -- his grandmother was my HS drama teacher/yearbook advisor. he was my vanity pick."
From William Kerchner (IrishFan103) - "Walked up to Matthew Stafford, got an autograph, a picture and shook his hand, truly a stand up guy, Thank You Cedar Point for this memory"
From Rachel Nichols: "Lions coach Jim Schwartz texts me he doesn't just feel good about going with Matt Stafford at QB - he feels "REALLY good" about it"

Monday, September 7, 2009

More from today's announcement

CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Stafford to start at QB in Lions season opener
Yahoo! Sports - The Lions officially hand the keys to young Matthew Stafford - New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Monday press conference - With Matthew Stafford starting, could Daunte Culpepper's days with Lions be numbered? - David Carr's Words of Wisdom for Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez has posted video and audio of today's announcement. - Video: Stafford not on a short leash

ESPN - Lions to start Stafford at QB

'He's our starting quarterback'

“This isn't an internship. This isn't a trial basis. He's our starting quarterback’’ said head coach Jim Schwartz this morning when he announced that Matthew had won the Lions starting job. Congratulations Matthew! - Schwartz Announces Stafford will be Sunday's Starter
Associated Press - Lions choose Stafford as starter - Matthew Stafford's starting job with Lions is permanent - Lions choose Stafford as starter for Week 1 against Saints
FanHouse - Matthew Stafford Named Lions Starter - Schwartz: Stafford gets start in Lions season opener at New Orleans

New Orleans Saints week begins

Tough weekend. I spent the weekend sick and in addition to that, my Georgia Bulldogs lost to Oklahoma State. If this past weekend is any indication, then it looks like my Dawgs have a long season ahead of them. We miss Matthew at QB.

The regular season is here. The Lions will be playing against the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 13. The game will air on FOX. - How UGA, Tech draftees fared in NFL preseason - Experts like Lions, just not to win much - Schwartz mum on if Culpepper or Stafford will start

Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday update

Just a short Friday update. - The Press Box Podcast: Matthew Stafford's no Joey Harrington; put him in, Lions

ESPN - Lions QB Competition

"Super-duper secret"

According to the Detroit Free Press, Coach Jim Schwartz will be keeping the identity of the Lions' starting QB for the season opener to himself.

And Larry Lage of the Associated Press has posted an article about the Lions' hope to be ready to win with Matthew at QB. The article includes some interesting quotes from Matthew's family. Check it out. It's a good read.

Night of misleading stats

I thought Matthew had a good night against the Bills even though the stats don't show it. He was 5-for-9 for 81 yards passing with one interception and one fumble. A touchdown was called back because of a penalty. If you watch the highlights video, you can see that that there wasn't much, if anything, that he could have done to prevent either turnover. - The starter under center - Matthew Stafford sputters in Lions' sloppy win against Bills in preseason finale - Game Center - Stafford shows flashes and flaws, but says he's ready
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Stafford doesn't dazzle, but Lions win exhibition finale
Associated Press - Stafford still lacks finish in Lions 17-6 win - Matthew Stafford fails to click in last dress rehearsal - Despite stumbles against Bills, Matthew Stafford proves he's Lions' No. 1 quarterback - Stafford fails to impress in final audition (Interesting comments below the article)
Canadian Press - Stafford still lacks finish in Lions 17-6 pre-season win over Bills,, Zimbio, and USPresswire have some good photos from the game. has posted some highlights.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update before the game

If you're like me and don't get the game where you live you can watch it online at

The game re-airs on the NFL Network on Sunday at 7 a.m. ET and Monday at 4 a.m. ET. - Game Center - Matthew Stafford could clinch job in Lions-Bills - ESPN analysts agree: Matthew Stafford should be Lions' starter

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preparing for the Buffalo Bills - Lions plan on about 25 plays for Matthew Stafford vs. Bills - 2009 NFL Scouting Reports

Opinion - Tom Kowalski on WMAX: Aggressive Matthew Stafford won't hesitate to challenge defensesdefenses
Roscommon Co. Herald News - Stafford as ready as he’ll ever be

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stafford to begin game against Bills

With Daunte Culpepper and Drew Stanton injured, Coach Jim Schwartz has stated that Matthew will likely begin the game against the Buffalo Bills. He will not play the entire game though since the Lions have signed free-agent QB Brooks Bollinger and claimed QB Kevin O'Connell off waivers today. - Stafford will start final exhibition for Lions
Scout's Roar Report - Notebook: Stafford The Starter By Default?
The New York Times - Lions’ Quarterback Situation Takes a Bad Turn - A New Arm
Scout's Roar Report - Harrington vs. Stafford: Omen or Obtuse?
Detroit Free Press - Hype of top pick good selling point despite being Lion

Not that I find someone getting injured funny, but I got a laugh of of this post over at

ESPN - Lions QB Battle