Friday, November 27, 2009

Rookie season roller coster continues for Stafford

Four days after a historic game against the Cleveland Browns, Matthew continues to ride the rookie quarterback roller coaster, which means great one day and bad another. Unfortunately, Matthew hit another valley along the ride. He was 20-of-43 with one touchdown and four interceptions, and the Lions lost 34-12. Thankfully he came away from the game without exacerbating his shoulder injury. - Lions Have a Tough Follow-Up to Last Sunday's Win - Matthew Stafford is still a work in progress - No more Matthew Stafford miracles as Packers trounce Lions - Matthew Stafford throws four interceptions as Lions get overwhelmed by Packers, 34-12 - Matthew Stafford to blame for Lions' sluggish offense; but he'll also be Detroit's savior soon - Postgame Audio: Matthew Stafford 11-26-09 - Postgame Quotes: Detroit Lions - WK 12: Matthew Stafford highlights (and lowlights) - Game Center - Jim Schwartz: No reason to regret any draft picks
Windsor Star - Stafford crashes back to earth

Detroit Free Press, The Detroit News, (1st half, 2nd half), and USPresswire.

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  1. I know Stafford was at the Ga-GT game. Kept showing him on the sidelines. But, I haven't seen any pictures on or or anything. Has anyone seen any? I think it's amazing that he took the time to go to the game with all he has going on right now.