Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking Back: Part II

Here's Part II of the Looking Back series that I started last week. I couldn't find that many articles predating 2005 that were not PPV or subscription-based, but the ones that I did find are very good. They're mostly about his senior season in high school, and they mention his knee injury, his high school's state championship run, his recruitment and commitment to the University of Georgia and much more.

Both sides now
The Ice Man
Scots fans eager to celebrate
A good bet
Can't Miss?

Check out these photos of Matthew during his early high school years.

Someone posted this video on YouTube a while back, and I was able to save it before they deleted it. I hope they don't mind that I borrowed it. This interview took place on November 2005 before a playoff game.

And this other video is of a few of Matthew's senior season highlights.

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