Saturday, January 23, 2010

Linehan: 'He did it the right way'

Scott Linehan, the Lions' offensive coordinator talked to's Dan Graziano about Matthew's rookie season. He mades some interesting comments such as, "We felt pretty confident we picked a guy we could lean on for years and years to come," and "as he[Stafford] goes, the Lions will go." I think that shows just the kind of expectations and confidence that the Lions have in Matthew. - Linehan to coach QBs

According to Jennie Averbook, a member of the AXE marketing team, AXE Hair Tab will have a Hair Action Challenge with Matthew at Super Bowl XLIV. It will start on Wednesday, Feb 3rd at the AXE Lounge.

Sean Yuille, managing editor of Pride of Detroit, will be interviewing Matthew in the near future, and he's asking people to submit questions that you would like him to ask.

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