Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stafford misses practice; May still play

Matthew did not practice on Wednesday. No word yet on whether he will start on Sunday or not.

The Oakland Press - Stafford sits out - Steelers prepare for an injured Stafford - Sunday's Starter Still Unknown - Conference Call Transcript: Steelers' Head Coach Mike Tomlin - Lions conference calls: Head Coach Jim Schwartz
Associated Press - Lions QB Stafford misses practice with knee injury - Stafford Among 5 Starters Who Miss Practice - Lions' Matthew Stafford doesn't practice, doesn't talk about injury

Change of heart. Another skeptic is turned into a believer.
The Scores Report - A Chat with Phil Simms

Cool Tweets
beeisawesome: "I hate myself for thinking this, but Matt Stafford has a very striking smile."
swarheit: "I care far less about losing the game to Chicago as I do about the status of Matt Stafford's knee. He needs to keep playing and learning"
JasonIsbell: "Strange... I went to the ortho with my knee today, and so did Matt Stafford..."
LarryLage: "Lions QB Matthew Stafford didn't practice because of his injured right knee, and that's all the team has to say about that"

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