Sunday, September 27, 2009


Matthew led the Detroit Lions to their first win since December 2007 ending an 18 game losing streak. Congratulations Matthew!

Celebrating with fans. - Lions Beat Redskins, 19-14, at Ford Field - Self confidence of Lions' Matthew Stafford shines through in victory over Washington - Matthew Stafford's fingerprints all over Lions' end to losing streak - Blacked out, knocked down … Lions arise!
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - NFL blitz package, the best of Sunday's games
USAToday - 'King Kong' off their back: First win since 2007 energizes Lions - Judgment calls by Redskins' Jim Zorn backfire against Lions
Yahoo! Sports - Cry, Whine and Moan: Not the Lions, baby!
Yahoo! Sports - Lions finally get ‘King Kong’ off their back - Key play: Stafford-Heller connection kept Redskins in a hole - Lions' winning streak at 1 - Lions Take First Step Towards New Identity - The Detroit Lions Win: A Story
The Washington Times - Daly: Message clearly didn't register - Stafford keeps on slinging downfield - Stafford helps Lions taste victory again

Washington Post
The Washington Times - Stafford post-game audio

Video - Game highlights
ESPN - Lions Get The Moneky Off Their Back - Video gallery

Lions finally get a win
Lions finally get a win

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