Saturday, August 15, 2009

Solid performance

Matthew made his NFL debut today. Except for one rookie mistake with the interception return, I think he did pretty good. He was 7 of 14 for 114 with one touchdown and the one interception. He was also hurt by a few drops from his receivers. The thing I was impressed with the most though was how he bounced backed after throwing the INT. Great job Matthew!

Here's some of the stuff I found. I know most of the headlines seem redundant, but I tried to leave out all the stuff that was repetitive, and I only posted the best links. - Rookie QB Stafford makes solid debut as Lions rally past Falcons - Matthew Stafford's first game with Lions shows quarterback battle is far from over - Stafford avenges interception with TD in debut
Scout's Roar Report - Rookies Shine In Lions 27-26 Win
Scout's Roar Report - Stafford, Schwartz Not Surprised By Poise - At least Stafford shows he belongs - Reserves outshine starters as Lions rally past Falcons - Rookie Stafford's the star, but No. 3 QB Stanton's the hero in Lions' win vs. Falcons - Lions win exhibition opener on Hanson's kick
Associated Press - Lions' Stafford wins pro debut against Falcons - Keary Colbert Sabotages Stafford's Impressive Detroit Debut - Lions beat Falcons at buzzer; Stafford throws TD in debut - Quarterbacks prove least of Lions' concerns - Gamecenter - Last-Second Win
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Rookie QB Stafford overcomes rough start - Stafford throws a TD pass in his NFL debut

Here are some photos from today's game.

I'm sure we will see more highlight and interview videos tomorrow. At least I hope so.

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