Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sharapova talks about Stafford

Listen to tennis start Maria Sharapova talk about what she thought was the most fun part of working as guest-editor of ESPN The Magazine - Will Lions' line performance dictate QB starter? - Dan Reeves Says Matt Stafford Should Have Stayed in School One More Year
Sporting News has posted the transcript of Matthew's interview with Doug and Ryan Stewart of the 2 Live Stews.

Here's a video from It's of Matthew interacting with children at the NFL Play 60 event in New York in April. For those who don't understand a word of what they're saying in the video, here's a rough translation. The reporter says that Matthew was happy to be with the children. That he was there to inspire them to practice sports so that maybe one day they could also be the number one pick in the NFL draft.

These are two of the photos featured on the ESPN magazine. Click on the pictures below to see larger versions.

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