Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stafford taking all the reps

Matthew took all the reps at practice today due to the fact that both Daunte Culpepper and Drew Stanton were out with injuries. Culpepper suffered a cut on one of his toes, and Stanton experienced swelling on his left knee. Both conditions are considered minor, but it's still unknown if they will or will not play against the Buffalo Bills on Thursday. - Lions QBs Culpepper, Stanton miss practice with injuries
CBSSports - Rookie Stafford only healthy QB at Lions practice - Stafford has Handled Camp, Preseason with Poise - Daunte Culpepper suffers toe injury; status for Thursday's Lions game is unknown
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Drew Stanton has sore knee; Matthew Stafford takes all the snaps at Lions practice - Lions rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford still learning from on-the-job training

Lions beat Colts

The Lions beat the Colts 18-17. Matthew had a good game. He was 13-of-19 passes for 160 yards and one interception. Head coach Jim Schwartz said that the interception was on the wide receiver and not on Matthew.

Associated Press - Colts Fall To Detroit - Game Center - Culpepper, Stafford make cases to be Lions' No. - Peyton Manning impressed by Matthew Stafford and Daunte Culpepper - Lions' Matthew Stafford happy with performance - Lions coach Jim Schwartz pleased with QBs in win - Matthew Stafford should be Lions' starting QB - Lions take pride in offensive showing vs. Colts - Daunte Culpepper is hanging on, but Matthew Stafford is charging for Lions
InPlay! Magazine - Lions win third preseason game, quarterback battle continues…. - Culpepper, Stafford, Stanton all play well for Lions
The Oakland Press - Lions Lowdown: Offense looks good in win
Lions Gab - Breaking Down Stafford’s Third Game


Video - Highlights

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Culpepper to begin game vs. Colts

According to Coach Jim Schwartz, Matthew will likely begin Thursday night's game against the Buffalo Bills.

Today's game airs at 1:00 p.m. on the NFL Network. - Lions' Culpepper to start vs. Colts - Third-Game Objectives - Odds are Culpepper starts opener, Stafford takes over later - Summing-up Schwartz, Manning and Stafford

Video - Schwartz discusses quarterbacks

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Both QBs to get equal time against Colts

According to coach Jim Schwartz, both Matthew and Daunte Culpepper will probably get equal time with the first team versus the Indianapolis Colts. No word yet on who will begin the game. - Got an opinion about Lions' QB Matthew Stafford? Jim Schwartz really doesn't care - Who starts for Lions on Saturday might not really matter - Daunte Culpepper, Matthew Stafford will get equal time vs. Colts - Preseason Growing Pains

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Colts talk about Stafford

There're a couple of interesting videos today. The Indianapolis Colts and former NFL QB Dan Marino talk about Matthew and the Lions.

Indy Sports Nation - Colts Prepare for Lions, Rookie QB
Indy Sports Nation - Rookie Rewind: 11 Years Ago it was Colts with NFL #1 Pick at QB - Reviews mixed on how Lions rookies have fared - Mariucci, Martz choose Culpepper


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Learning from mistakes

This is from CBSSports' Rapid Reports, "Lions QB Matt Stafford seems to be learning from his mistakes. On a rollout right - the play he threw an INT on vs. Cleveland - Stafford threw the ball away when nothing was there." - Still no clue about who will be Lions' starting QB - Jim Schwartz sees 'no good' in naming his starting QB
Associated Press - Peyton Manning talks about rookie QBs
ESPN - How Stafford could gain edge - Lions' offense responds after Scott Linehan's chat
Associated Press - Lions happy to get receiving corps back in place

Monday, August 24, 2009

Putting in the extra time

According to CBSSports, Matthew stayed after practice Monday to continue throwing passes to RB Aaron Brown.

CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Lions QB battle continues - Waiting game unenticing to Lions' Matthew Stafford after poor performance against the Browns - Matthew Stafford's shaky start doesn't surprise, nor concern, Lions GM
The Huge Show - Matthew Stafford remains Lions' best option at QB - Rookie's awful game rates with other first-round QBs
USAToday - Monday eye-opener: Sanchez or Stafford? - Lions QB Stafford struggles in first start - Fight was funny, but issues still remain for Lions

Sunday, August 23, 2009

No lowlights

Not much to post tonight except for a lowlights video, but who wants to rehash the game? Certainly not me, so I'm not going to post it. But since we're talking about videos, I got a bone to pick with the Detroit media. There's an awful lack of post-game video and audio. The Detroit TV stations barely show or post anything at all. Ditto for the subscription-based sites. I refuse to believe that they can't do better. But enough with the rant. Let's move on.

Scout's Roar Report - They Said It: Lions Post-Game Quotes - Matthew Stafford's interception another reason he should be Lions' starter - Rookie QB's first test could've gone better, that's for sure - A Constructive Look

Tough outing against the Browns

It was a tough night for Matthew. He was 5-for-13 for 34 yards and an interception, and the Lions lost to the Browns 27-10. I'm sure he'll bounce back from this one, continue to improve, and as he said after Saturday's loss, 'the name of the game is getting back out there.'

Associated Press - Stafford struggles in first start - Look familiar? Lions a bust in Matthew Stafford's starting debut - Matthew Stafford blanked in Lions' loss to Browns
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Lions' Matthew Stafford hurts his case in QB battle - Lions' fourth preseason game strategy has nothing to do with quarterback battle


Friday, August 21, 2009

Last minute update

Just a short update before the game. - Lions' Jim Schwartz: 'Body of work' will decide QB battle between Matthew Stafford, Daunte Culpepper - Five players to watch: Lions-Browns

Stafford to begin game against Browns

Head coach Jim Schwartz has said that Matthew will begin the game against the Cleveland Browns this Saturday. Schwartz doesn't like to use the word "start" since he doesn't think the team has any starters yet.

DetNews - Lions' Matthew Stafford will start vs. Browns - Matthew Stafford, Louis Delmas will start for Lions on Saturday - Stafford will start 2nd exhibition for Lions

Talking Smack

Vic Carucci has posted an interesting article at It includes a pretty good quote by rookie safety Louis Delmas.

Another article from

No starter has been named for Saturday's game ...yet, but according to the Sporting News and the Detroit News, it's likely that Matthew will start. The Oakland Press says that coach Jim Schwartz will announced Saturday's starter today.

Opinion article - Daunte Culpepper might be the one at QB

Lions signing autographs after practice

ESPN - NFL Saturday Preseason Previews

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Bend but never break'

Don Coble of Online Athens has written a very good article about the challenges that Matthew will be facing with the Lions.

ESPN - Re-capping three hours in Detroit
Sporting News - The best of the SEC
CBSSports - Rapid Reports
USAToday - Enormous expectations on Stafford: Can he fit Lions' bill?

Matthew's TD against the Falcons made the NFL Network's 10 Ten Plays of the Week.

Sirius NFL Radio was at practice on Wednesday, and has posted the audio from the interviews that took place. They've also posted some photos from practice.

And what does a long time NFL scout think about Matthew, and when he thinks Matthew should start? Watch it at

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Madden NFL 10 Rookie Ratings Drills

I really like CBSSports's Rapid Reports. If you haven't checked them out I recommend them. It's a really good way to follow practices.

Also, EA Sports has posted some videos of the rookies doing drills for Madden NFL 10. - Martin Mayhew thrilled with play of QBs - Detroit Lions offensive line gives backs room to run - Lions' Martin Mayhew pleased with quarterbacks


EA Sports - Madden NFL 10 Rookie Ratings Drills



Monday, August 17, 2009

Tough day on the job

According to CBSSports, the QBs had a tough day at practice today. Plus, Sports Illustrated's Peter King grades Matthew's arm. - Stafford’s debut had its ups, first downs - Culpepper Not Giving Up on Lions Job - What are others saying about Stafford's debut?
Scout's Roar Report - Stafford Likely To "Start" Against Browns - Plenty of reasons to still believe in Lions, Tigers - Former Lions TE Ty Hallock on WBBL: Matthew Stafford shows leadership ability by not harping on dropped balls (WBBL-FM's Monday Morning Quarterback Audio) - Lions GM Mayhew discusses QBs, Bullocks
USAToday - Lions searching for fans as they seek to shed the skeletons


I love this photo taken by Julian H. Gonzalez, of the Detroit Free Press. It shows the camaraderie between the quarterbacks.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Poised under pressure

Here's today's link collection. Not much but there are some good articles. - Matthew Stafford was poised in opener
Chicago Tribune - Detroit Lions breakout player: Matthew Stafford
The Baltimore Sun - ESPN's Mortensen weighs in - Matthew Stafford's TD pass for Lions showed his grit
The Morning Sun - Pat Caputo: New season, same old Lions

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Solid performance

Matthew made his NFL debut today. Except for one rookie mistake with the interception return, I think he did pretty good. He was 7 of 14 for 114 with one touchdown and the one interception. He was also hurt by a few drops from his receivers. The thing I was impressed with the most though was how he bounced backed after throwing the INT. Great job Matthew!

Here's some of the stuff I found. I know most of the headlines seem redundant, but I tried to leave out all the stuff that was repetitive, and I only posted the best links. - Rookie QB Stafford makes solid debut as Lions rally past Falcons - Matthew Stafford's first game with Lions shows quarterback battle is far from over - Stafford avenges interception with TD in debut
Scout's Roar Report - Rookies Shine In Lions 27-26 Win
Scout's Roar Report - Stafford, Schwartz Not Surprised By Poise - At least Stafford shows he belongs - Reserves outshine starters as Lions rally past Falcons - Rookie Stafford's the star, but No. 3 QB Stanton's the hero in Lions' win vs. Falcons - Lions win exhibition opener on Hanson's kick
Associated Press - Lions' Stafford wins pro debut against Falcons - Keary Colbert Sabotages Stafford's Impressive Detroit Debut - Lions beat Falcons at buzzer; Stafford throws TD in debut - Quarterbacks prove least of Lions' concerns - Gamecenter - Last-Second Win
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Rookie QB Stafford overcomes rough start - Stafford throws a TD pass in his NFL debut

Here are some photos from today's game.

I'm sure we will see more highlight and interview videos tomorrow. At least I hope so.

Stafford's pro career gets underway today

Today is the day! Matthew's professional career gets underway today. According to Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, Matthew will not start, but he will play in the second quarter and will likely start the second pre-season game.

Today's game against the Atlanta Falcons will air at 4:00 PM on the NFL Network.

The Holland Sentinel - No. 1 pick Stafford to make NFL debut today
Scout's Roar Report - Analysis: Culpepper Start Could Be His Last - QBs performing in a 'near dead heat' - Stafford, Johnson go from rivals to teammates - Stafford benched! (Not really, he’s just not starting) - Really doesn't matter who starts Lions' exhibition opener - Daunte Culpepper to start Lions' preseason opener, then what? Coach Jim Schwartz won't say

Friday, August 14, 2009

Mystery no more - Schwartz Announces Starter - Culpepper to start for Lions; Stafford to play in 2nd quarter -Lions tap Culpepper to start against Falcons - Rookie QB Matthew Stafford isn't only Lions player to watch in preseason opener vs. Atlanta
CBSSports - Rapid Reports
Park Cities People - Look What I Found in Sports Illustrated, Pt. 2


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting QB mystery continues...

...until today. According to the Detroit News, coach Jim Schwartz will reveal the starting QB for the Saturday's game today. - Stafford wants his play in preseason opener to do the talking
DetNews - Stafford excited to play, whether starting or not - Stafford and Culpepper try to keep it cool - Drills - Schwartz still not talking about QB playing time - Fantasy value of Lions' quarterbacks undervalued

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

QBs continue to look good

The Lions' QBs continue to look good despite the injuries afflicting many of their teammates.

The Oakland Press - Lions Lowdown: Pure Michigan
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Concentration begins to suffer as Lions hit dog days of camp - Detroit Lions persevere through Tuesday afternoon practice despite rash of injuries


Matthew and actor Jeff Daniels.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starting QB chosen

According to the Detroit Free Press, head coach Jim Schwartz has decided who is going to be the starting QB against the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday, but... he isn't telling who it is. LOL

Listen to Coach Schwartz address the media over at - Quarterbacks still competing hard, making decision tough for Detroit Lions coaches
ESPN - No job is safe as Lions rebuild
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Stafford interview

ESPN senior analyst John Clayton talks about Matthew trying to defy the odds.

Who will be the starter?

One thing I've noticed is that it seems that the media, who watch most if not all, of the practices, have started to think that Matthew is now ahead of veteran Daunte Culpepper in the QB battle. Only time will tell who the starter will be, but there are going to be some interesting days ahead as the pre-season games begin Saturday. - Postcard from camp: Lions
CBSSports - Rapid Reports

Scout's Roar Report - Stafford's Always Been Ahead of The Curve
Scout's Roar Report - Camp Notebook: Position Battles Continue

MLive - Brian VanOchten on The Huge Show: '[Stafford] is in the driver's seat'

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Lions Uncaged" practice update - 15,000 fans, commish show up for Lions practice - Stafford doesn't feel pressure - Lions fans throw their support behind rookie quarterback at Ford Field - Lions impressed by 15,000-plus fans at practice - NFL training camp

Opinion - No question: Lions rookie Stafford will win starting spot over veteran Culpepper

Lions RB RB Kevin Smith talks about Matthew to 97.1 The Ticket.

Flickr: merobson 1, 2

Taking the field
Check out nelsenc's YouTube channel for more video from training camp.

ESPN - Mort Goes To Camp: Lions

Friday, August 7, 2009

Training camp updates continue - Training camp highlights
CBSSports - Rapid Reports - Lions' QBs light it up in seven-on-seven drill - Young players shine at Detroit Lions' morning practice

WBBL - Lions Play-by-Play man Dan Miller
WJR - Lions kicker Jason Hanson

Video: Impressing the veterans

Here're a couple of videos from training camp.

myFOX Detroit - Training Camp Day 2

WOOD TV - Impressing the veterans

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Keeping his word

Back in February, during the combine, Matthew told the media "I'm going to make it as hard as I can on coaches to try to keep me off the field." From training camp reports, it sounds like he is doing exactly that. According to Yahoo! Sports, Matthew is not making the Lions' decision of who will be the starting QB any easier. He's impressing coaches and teammates alike. - Lions' offense looks much sharper in 7-on-7 drills - Two-Minute Drill Podcast: Only a question of when, not if, Matthew Stafford is Lions' starter - Strong quarterback play, dropped passes the norm in Detroit Lions' morning practice session

Audio - Coach Jim Schwartz (Transcript)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'No longer skeptics'

Scout's Packer Report - ESPN’s Chris Mortensen - 'No longer skeptics'

Morning Sun - Stafford making his case to be starting quarterback - Lions practice highlights: QBs work on throwing into end zone - Lions get revved up for fourth-down "all or nothing'' goal line drill - Today's 7-on-7 drill was the worst of the Lions' camp

Examiner - The ubiquitous nature of Matthew Stafford - Lions' rookie QB Stafford proves he's a fast learner - Lions: Matthew Stafford not playing like a rookie


ESPN Fantasy Focus - Matthew talks with Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz. - Coordinator Scott Linehan

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

'I don't feel like I'm coaching a rookie'

That's what Lions' coordinator Scott Linehan had to say about Matthew today after training camp. - Lions actually have two QBs who can compete - Camp highlights - Coordinator: QB Matthew Stafford doesn't act like rookie
Mike O'Hara Sports - Stafford, Johnson Lead Lions’ Young Core - Defense wins battle of red zone and goal-line 7-on-7 drill


Monday, August 3, 2009

More from training camp

From all the reports coming out of training campt, it seems that Matthew is doing very well. - Stafford wins Lions' two-minute drill with No. 1 offense - Stafford's arm, talent get high marks from C. Johnson - Lions' quarterbacks are very sharp in 7-on-7 drill - Updates from Day 3 of Lions camp
Scout's RoarReport - CJ on Stafford: "Nothing Is Phasing Him" - Lessons learned in 2-minute drills - Culpepper looks to give Stafford friendly competition - Training camp updates

Lions fan Rico Thomas Rico has posted some photos of Matthew on his Flickr page.

Detroit Lions 09 Season Commercial

Sunday, August 2, 2009

QB battle underway for the Lions - Lions defense slightly ahead of offense
The Morning Sun - Stafford and Culpepper begin quarterback battle - Transcripts: Stafford, Johnson, and Culpepper - Lions Radio Training Camp Show


Video 1, 2

ESPN - Rookie Salaries

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Good reports from 1st day of TC

I'm starting to think that maybe fate is working against me updating the blog. So I'm working on the update and what happens? A drunk driver hits a light post in front of my neighbor's house throwing the whole neighborhood into darkness for hours. I couldn't use either the desktop or laptop. Let's hope nothing happens tomorrow.

On to the updates. It seems that Matthew did pretty good on the first day of training camp. - Training Camp page - Lions' Matthew Stafford lives up to hype on Day 1
Associated Press - Detroit QBs hope for friendly competition
Scout's RoarReport - Stafford Wows In First Training Camp - A Healthy Competition
DetNews - Expect a fun scrap in the Lions' quarterback battle



Also, I came across Matthew's boat party photos a few weeks ago. I didn't think they were a big deal, so I didn't mention them on the blog. Apparently, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz didn't think they were a big deal either, since he showed them on a PowerPoint presentation during team's meetings to the amusement of the rest of the team. - Lions coach Jim Schwartz pokes fun at rookie Matthew Stafford in first team meeting